New Hollywood fitness fave: Drumstick-smashing!

New Hollywood fitness fave: Drumstick-smashing!

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Move over, pole-dancing, kettlebells and Zumba. Drumstick-smashing is the latest rage to hit the Hollywood exercise circuit, offering a workout similar to Pilates or boot camp, but without the serenity of a yoga studio or the bark of a drill instructor. The high-volume group fitness class, called Pound, was devised by Cristina Peerenboom, 25, and Kirsten Potenza, 26, who tout it as a fun and energetic alternative to the usual sweat-inducing routines.”
Fitness instructor Kirsten Potenza holds drumsticks after a fitness class called

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Fitness instructor Cristina Peerenboom uses drumsticks while teaching a fitness class called

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