Knee Drumming

Drumming with your hands is a great way to practice singles, double-strokes and even flam rudiments. It forces you to not rely on the “rebound” that you would get from a stick. Since there is no rebound to bring your hands back up for the next stroke, you have to lift them back into position yourself. This is the up-stroke.
This actually translates into playing with sticks also. Whenever you are playing on a surface with unpredictable rebound (like a cymbal mounted at an angle, or different drums with a mixture of loose and tight heads), you must control the motion of the stick more than just the downstroke.
Here is a short improvisation in 7/8 time (7 beats per measure). My fastest strokes would be 32nd notes if you count it in 7/8, or 16th notes if you considered it a fast 7/4 time.

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