how to develop perfect time and rhythm

It’s easy. Well, it takes work, but the approach can be simple:
To develop perfectly consistent rhythm, practice with something that has perfectly consistent rhythm.
In comes the metronome. In my case it’s a Tama Rhythm Watch, but you can use anything that keeps a perfect and steady beat.
Set your metronome up to a comfortable tempo for playing 16th notes (four notes per click of the metronome in this case), and try to make the sound of your sticks disappear into the clicks of the metronome. My metronome can play straight 16th notes for me to play against, but if yours can only go fast enough for quarter notes or eighth notes, that’s okay too.
Here are the rules for practicing what I have in my video:
1. play quietly enough (practice pad is ideal) so that your notes are exactly the same volume as the metronome click
2. grip each stick in the same way, and in the same place, with your wrists rotated to the same angle
3. bring your sticks up to the exact same height as each other (mirror is good to practice in front of)
4. move your sticks up and down in the same way every time (I like to watch the end of the stick in the mirror when I play and make sure it moves vertically, and not at an angle… straight up and straight down).

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