flams and diddles

Here is a short collection of flams and diddles.
For those who are unfamiliar, a flam is a note preceded by a grace note,
it looks like this:
There is an excellent writeup on flams and other basic drum technique here by Thom Hannum, whose credentials are extensive and worked with one of my favorite drum and bugle corps, the Cadets of Bergen County. Check them out when you get a chance, and if they are performing near where you live during their summer tours, definitely go and see them.
A diddle, is simply two fast notes played by the same stick, so to rights or two lefts in a row. (An open roll is made up of alternating diddles: right right left left right right left left….)
When I play diddles, I try as much as possible to use my wrist as the pivot point, rather than letting the stick pivot at my fingers. This isn’t always possible, especially when you are playing fast, but it’s good exercise and good for developing control and making your left and right hands more equal in skill level.
More on this later. Enjoy 🙂

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