Bach Cello Suite No. 1 Prelude – All About Cello and Violoncello

Truly one of the greatest pieces of music ever written (in my personal opinion at least!)
I am an Amazon addict, very easy to buy. I just got a replacement battery for my Motorola Droid this morning for $4.25 including shipping. A Motorola OEM battery no less. Anyways, if you are in the mood to download an iconic and relaxing piece of listening material, here you go:

Here is Mischa Maisky performing the piece on

Here are some relevant links related to the J.S. Bach Cello Suites and famous Cellists.

Bach Cello Suites on Wikipedia

Yo-Yo Ma on Wikipedia

Mstislav Rostropovich on Wikipedia

All about the Cello or Violoncello on Wikipedia

List of Famous Cellists (people who play the cello or violoncello) on Wikipedia

If you would like to learn the Bach Cello Suites, here are two publications of the suites in print form. Some musicians prefer one publisher to another and they can occasionally have some differences in the notation and markings. International and Schirmer are listed here:

Although you can buy a cello on Amazon, I would not recommend it if you are looking to get one. See your local string specialist music store, or contact a local professional cellist or philharmonic/symphony musician for suggestions on what you should get. If you really know what you are looking for you can sometimes buy these instruments on eBay. However, unless you are proficient at adjusting and reparing them, this might also be a risky decision.

If you have no idea where to start, but would like to learn to play, here are some internet resources. I still recommend contacting a local professional cellist in your area however, and getting some personal advice from him or her. Better yet, talk to a few of them. You’ll get pointed in the right direction in no time at all 🙂 (internet forum, ask questions, get answers, talk to other cellists and enthusiasts)

Internet Cello Society Forum

IF you are a parent looking to get your children started with cello, violin, viola or any other stringed instrument, has an article with some suggestions here:
How to Raise a Good Violinist, Violist, or Cellist

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