Amish Noise – 2011 Buffalo Music Is Art Festival

Check out this creative band, Amish Noise.
2011 Music is Art Festival in Delaware Park, Buffalo, NY

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Here is some basic info on the band from their Facebook page:


Barn-core / Churn-rock
Reverend Bearded Amish – Bass, vocals, programming, noises, principal beard
Jedediah Malachiah – Throat violence, bodily harm, pig squeals
Hezekiah Jones – Guitars, solos, weird sounds, vice-principal beard
EZ kill Manchu – Human drums
Buffalo, NY
We do not fit into your genre’s, we only live to destroy your concept of music and make you pay for having ears.
Started in 2002 in boston as a one-man project of the Rev. Bearded Amish while he played in other bands. First live shows in 2007 in Albuquerque, NM lead to a one-man tour of the NW/SW united states at the end of 2007. Fast forward to fall 2009 when he asked Hezekiah Jones and Jedediah to join the fold. Several shows as a 3-piece occurred until they decided that the other original member (DR-670) needed to be replaced by a human drummer. Enter EZ Kill Manchew in the summer of 2010. Now a 4-piece, Amish Noise are becoming a force to be reckoned with in the WNY underground scene.
Current Location
Buffalo, NY
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